About Us

Our Past

We’ve been serving a large number of customers since quite a long time, providing them with some of the best lifestyle products at attractive prices. As a result, we’ve built a sizeable customer base over the past few years. With the evolution of Digital India, we felt the need to take our business online and extend our range of products to the online customers. This marked the beginning of FinggTouch.

Our Present

Today, we’re already online, offering top-quality products ranging from furniture and apparels to jewellery and mobile accessories. Our user-friendly website is optimized for hand-held devices, such as, smartphones and tabs. This makes it easier for new-age customers to browse through the product categories with ease and order their desired products on the go. We’re also active on the popular social media channels, which enables us to stay connected with our users and know their feedbacks and suggestions.

Our Future

We’ve never been afraid to dream big. This is the reason why we are working towards a bigger aim - to become a leading brand, both in India and the international markets. It is our goal to create lifestyle products under the brand FinggTouch, and reach out to customers worldwide with our excellent range of products and value-added services. We don’t just want to sell products; we also want to give our customers some pleasant experiences with them.