Look and Feel Glamorous with a Stylish T Shirt

A T shirt is worn by both men and women, and got its name from its distinct 'T' shape. Generally what comes to an individual’s mind with the very mention of it is a lightweight-fabric shirt, having short sleeves and a round neck line without collars. According to historians, this type of clothing evolved in the nineteenth century from undergarment worn over the upper portion of the body. It is believed to have been adopted first by men while working outdoors in hot environs.

Today, T shirts have become immensely popular among young girls and boys, as they fit easily, are inexpensive, and can be cleaned conveniently. They are also worn by employees of corporate offices as a part of casual wear, mostly on Fridays. The long sleeve T shirts have become the latest trend in fashion among youngsters. Often, some funny and attention-grabbing slogans are printed on the T shirts. Such garments also come in various colours, featuring some fantastic patterns on them.

Not so long ago, T shirts were quite long and extended almost down to the knees. In recent years, their length has been reduced so as to extend just a little below the waist. Today, both young and old wear T shirts as a medium of self-expression or as a means of comfort. They can buy T shirts online on FinggTouch.com by browsing through some stylish varieties in the website's Men's and Women's sections. Both half-sleeve and full-sleeve T shirts for men and women are featured in this section.

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