Beautifully Crafted Jewellery Just For You!

The history of Indian jewellery dates back nearly 2500 B.C., when women felt the need to look more attractive by wearing ornaments. They began wearing necklaces, bangles and earrings made mostly of metal or beads. A whole new generation of craftsmen came into being, recognizing the commercial opportunities for such ornaments. Over the years, these objects of beauty have taken various forms. Their designing itself has become an art. One cannot help but wonder at the ..

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Welcome Your Guests with an Elegant Sofa

Furniture is an important aspect of every home and office. Any of the interior designs would be incomplete without the inclusion of impressive furnishings. The living room of your apartment or the reception area of your office is a place where guests are welcomed into. Such spaces need furnishings that would make your guests feel relaxed and completely at home. A sofa is, without doubt, an inseparable part of furniture placed in these areas. 

In recent times, it is referred to as a 'couch' more often. Featuring a long, upholstered seat with arm rest and back support, it is..

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Smartphones Need Smart Mobile Covers

One cannot deny the fact that most of the smartphones that exist today have slippery backs. These phones face the risk of slipping from the user’s hands and suffering heavy damages after hitting the ground. Such damages can be prevented by using mobile covers specially designed for today's smartphones. These covers not only provide a firm grip to these phones, but also prevent them from getting damaged in case of a fall. In recent times, different types of mobile covers are available for smartphone users.

Covers for smartphones are made of strong and durable materials like plas..

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