Privacy Policy

For convenience, has been referred to as FinggTouch,, website, company or site herein. All customers are advised to go through the given points that constitute the website’s Privacy Policy:

  • does not exchange or sell its customers’ personal information without their permission.
  • Name, address, age and other information may be provided by customers to facilitate the site’s use or to receive alerts of special offers and product delivery.
  • FinggTouch may use the personal information provided by its customers to deliver the ordered products or services, respond to their queries or concerns, and to address their requests. 
  • may also use the personal information of customers to administer product downloads, to conduct periodical data analysis of the website, or to adhere to any legal requirements or disclosures as and when required by the laws of the country.
  • The security of personal information provided by customers is of prime importance to the company, and the website uses standard protocols and processes to ensure a safe and secure transmission of data.
  • The subscribed customers are sent communications through email and text messaging on a regular basis. If they do not wish to receive such communications at any given point of time, they may choose to unsubscribe.
  • Customers are requested not to share their personal and sensitive information with any third party, which claims an association with FinggTouch, through emails or phone. 
  • The company would claim no responsibility towards liabilities that may arise owing to the negligence or misconduct of a customer.
  • If a customer does not want to receive any kind of communication from or have any issues or concerns, they can send an email to